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It's understandable that the lake trout enjoys great status. And no doubt. It strikes hard and puts up a substantial confrontation. It can often reach trophy-size . When a trout has developed on a good diet, its meat can be outstanding. And it's an mysterious fish, testing the skills of even the most proficient angler. They are carnivorous, but when their usual food is not available, they will eat plankton. However, their growth will slow as a direct result.

As with other fish, the lake trout growth rate is dependent on the accessibility of feeder fish. It is not uncommon for lake trout to weigh in excess of 40 pounds. Nevertheless, the average fish is less than 4 kilos. One of the most likely reasons for this is that the fish's habitat does not contain a sufficient food supply.

Even though lake trout vary their diets, consuming everything from freshwater sponges to plankton, there are usually staples in a lake that help supply proteins to the growth of larger-sized fish. Crustaceans, whitefish, insects, sculpins, shiners, smelt, sticklebacks, suckers, perch, alewife, and ciscoes make up the lake trout's menu. Of these species the whitefish is the one most connected with the lake trout. Many anglers use lures that mimic a small whitefish.
Prior to setting out for a lake trout, think about this: it's a tremendously delicate species

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