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Small and Largemouth Bass Fishing Trips in Ontario

Smallmouth bass can be found throughout the province of Ontario, from the Great Lakes to the Canadian Shield, but largemouth bass are typically found in warmer areas, in southern Ontario. Some lakes do have both largemouth and smallmouth bass in them. Soft-plastic twister tail and shad jig bodies that are 1/8th of an ounce to 3/8th of an ounce work the best with smallmouth bass when they are colored black, purple, amber, yellow, or white. Largemouth bass like spinner-baits, jerk-baits, poppers, and floating plastic worms. Any of these will give you a lot of success when you are fishing for this species of fish.

Smallmouth bass love rock and will spend most of their time near the rocks during the spring. The spawning bass will remain very close to the shore until the rest of the lake warms up for them.

Largemouth bass can be found in most areas of the water, especially in shallow and weedy back bays during the spring. This is where you will find the most post-spawn fish during the start of the fishing year.

In the summer, smallmouth bass fishing is not always the greatest because the fish can vary in where they are. During the evening and morning, you will get the fish the easiest in shallow water but as throughout the day they will go to the deeper water of 60 to 80 feet, which makes it a bit more difficult for you to catch.

For largemouth bass in the summer, you will get your best results on hot days when the fish are in shaded areas. This includes anyplace with old wooden docks, under boats, lily pads and in undercut banks.

During the fall, smallmouth bass come in large numbers to gorge on minnows in preparation for the cold winter months that will be coming soon. When you find where these hungry fish are, you will have immense success catching them. Points, saddles and in shoals are where the smallmouth bass will be found most frequently. Begin fishing around 20-feet deep and move out to the 35-foot deep water and you should be able to find some fish.

Largemouth bass in the winter will go to deep water to prepare for the winter. You should begin in the weedy and rocky areas of about 15 feet deep and move out from there until you find a hot spot for the largemouth bass.

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