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Walleye Fishing in Ontario

They often say that Ontario is Walleye Country because of the abundance of walleye hotspots that can be found within the province. This wonderful and rather delicious golden fish can be found from cottage country reservoirs in northern Ontario, to the Great Lakes, you will find this popular fish. One very common area is in the clear rivers and lakes that make up the Canadian Shield, which occupies much of Northern Ontario.

Fishing of walleye in Ontario begins in the late spring when the late-spawning walleye come in large numbers to river mouths, inlets, shorelines that are rocky, shallow reefs, and river holes. The walleye in this time of year are very hungry and will gladly go after a jig tipped with a worm.
Peak walleye season is generally between the late spring and early summer, running from late-May to early July.

The best course of action when fishing walleye within the province is to use live bait because walleye love anything live to grab.

Moving into the hot mid-summer months, the Walleye want to escape the warmer waters of the shore and will go to deeper waters, typically main-lake midpoints, drop offs, shoals, mid-lake weed flats and sunken islands. You can still use light jigs to catch them like you did in spring, but if you are going to fish in deeper waters for walleye, you may want to go for heavier jigs. However, on cloudy or windy days, the walleye will move to shallow waters, typically in the evening or morning, so you can use light jigs at this time.

Once autumn comes along, the walleye move even deeper and go for forage fish which are larger thanks to the abundant summer months. They will usually go for larger baits and jigs at this point and three to six-inch fish, like minnows, will work very well.

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